Flyover Patios – The Popular Choice

Flyover patios have become the predominant style of patio for Gold Coast home owners. They add a feeling of additional space due to their height and also let more light and breeze in, which is a necessity on the Gold Coast.

For those that are looking to add a new outdoor patio cover to their home it’s important to be aware of the different styles of patios available.

What is a flyover patio?

A flyover patio sits higher than the gutter of your home. The roof panels of the patio “fly over” past the edge of your home’s roof-line. The patio panels themselves don’t attach to your existing roof structure or house frame, instead there are mounting brackets that secure the patio whilst raising it away from your existing roof. This allows for light and breeze to flow into your patio area. The mounting brackets go through your roof tiles or sheeting and are generally attached to the house frame to make the structure strong enough to withstand whatever nature can throw at it.

flyover patio
Flyover patios have brackets that raise the patio away from the roof of the house.

Flyover patios are generally higher than a standard patio. A standard patio may be attached to the fascia on your eaves which is a much lower point. The elevated patio height makes the patio area feel more spacious.

With our outdoor lifestyle and warm tropical climate a flyover style patio allows additional breeze and sunlight into your alfresco area and this also flows into your indoor areas.

The angle of the flyover patio

There are two main factors to consider with the angle of your flyover patio. Firstly, how will the angle affect your rainwater drainage and secondly the direction of sunlight.

The flyover patio can be angled towards the house or away from the house. It is important to consider the additional water that the flyover will capture during rain. If the flyover is angled back towards the house then the existing guttering and downpipes must be able to cope with the additional mass of water. In some instances you may need to add additional downpipes.

Alternatively you can angle the flyover away from the home. In this instance you would have a gutter on the front edge of the patio and would add a downpipe to one of the patio posts so the rainwater has somewhere to go. Depending on the landscape of your property you may need to plumb the downpipe into your underground storm water drainage of might be able to let the water flow into a garden or onto the grass.

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