Modular Wall Fencing Gold Coast

Modular Wall Fencing is a popular solution for our customers throughout the Gold Coast that are wanting the appearance of a solid rendered brick fence without the exorbitant price tag.

Modular fencing consists of pre-made fibre cement panels that are expertly designed to provide maximum acoustic noise reduction qualities. The modular fencing product we use is Australian designed and manufactured to strict international ISO 9001 quality standards.

Modular wall fences generally cost half the price of a traditional brick wall, whilst keeping the same premium look and feel.

We provide a range of different modular wall styles to suit all budgets, including:

  • SlimWall
  • VogueWall
  • EstateWall

The Platinum Property Improvements team are trained in modular wall installation services to ensure that your fence is professionally installed at an affordable price. We have installed modular wall systems for numerous customers throughout the Gold Coast.

We can design a fence to suit the colour, style and feel of your home. Modular wall fence panels can be solid or can include aluminium slat features to really make your fence stand out. We can also incorporate colorbond panels to break up the solid wall appearance whilst still providing maximum privacy.

The installation time of modular wall systems is much faster than traditional brick fencing. Typically an average sized front fence can be installed in one to two days with a third day for texture coating. The texture coating is similar in appearance and feel to render but is quicker to apply and more affordable.

Modular wall fencing

Below are some examples of modular wall fence installations we’ve recently completed throughout the Gold Coast.

We aim to provide affordable pricing without sacrificing on quality. If you would like a quotation please call us on 1300 774 753 or submit a quote request today.