PPI are now stocking and installing Illume Skylights

Platinum Property Improvements (PPI) have recently become installers of Illume Skylights for clients throughout the Gold Coast.

Illume is an alternative to traditional skylights. Using a solar collector to source power to light the skylight. Being completely powered by solar energy there is no requirement for mains power or batteries, which means no electricity costs for the skylight.

The other benefit of Illume Skylights is that there is less disturbance to the roof structure, which minimises the change of any roof leaks. In addition, traditional skylights also transfer unwanted heat into the area below and tend to clog up with bugs – all of this is avoided with Illume.

Illuyme Skylights in outdoor patio installations

The team at PPI have recently started including Illume Skylights in their outdoor patio cover installations throughout the Gold Coast. These skylights look very classy and allow more light into the outdoor patio area.

If you are located on the Gold Coast and would like a price or more information on a flyover patio (or any other type of patio) with or without Illume Skylights, please contact Platinum Property Improvements for an obligation free quote.

We aim to provide affordable pricing without sacrificing on quality. If you would like a quotation please call us on 1300 774 753 or submit a quote request today.