PVC Fencing Cost Compared to Other Fence Types

PVC Fencing has gained a lot of popularity lately, particularly due to the boom in hamptons style homes that has occurred on the Gold Coast. It is also quick to install, is attractive to look at and requires zero ongoing maintenance.

Whilst PVC is an affordable solution many clients have the expectation that PVC will be a similar cost to timber or Colorbond, but this is not the case.

The manufacturing process for PVC fencing is more involved than timber or Colorbond. It also has more detailed and attractive styling compared to plain timber or Colorbond which is effectively corrugated sheets of metal.

The high quality, Australian made PVC fencing products we use at Platinum Property Improvements has a 30 year warranty, compared to a 10 year warranty on Colorbond. This alone gives some expectation on lifespan you can expect when comparing those two fencing styles.

PVC Fencing

We do install Colorbond and timber fencing on occasion. Generally this is when we are working on larger projects and the client is wanting to save money on a boundary fence that may not be too visible from the front of the home.

We also install alot of modular wall fencing where a client is after a premium appearance.

Please note pricing below is just a guide and can change depending on project size and other variables.

Fencing Style Comparison Chart

Fence Type Benefits Negatives Cost
PVC Zero maintenance, 30yr warranty, attractive, cheaper than brick More expensive than timber or colorbond From $190 per metre (1.8m high)
Timber Cheap Requires maintenance, bows and rots over time From $80 per metre (1.8m high)
Colorbond Cheap, looks the same on both sides, 10yr Warranty Easy to dint, scratch. Bottom rail can’t be in ground. Reflects heat onto grass/gardens From $95 per metre (1.8m high)
Modular Wall Attractive, premium appearance. Can be rendered. Looks the same on both sides More expensive than other options. Requires maintenance / painting. From $240 per metre

We aim to provide affordable pricing without sacrificing on quality. If you would like a quotation please call us on 1300 774 753 or submit a quote request today.