The benefits of adding a patio

Patios add value to your property

Adding a patio to your home may be a very good idea. There are plenty of companies on the Gold Coast so you won’t have a hard time getting a quote, just always be sure you are receiving quality Australian made product, by a licensed company.

Why should you get a patio? There are actually several benefits that a patio could bring. Some are personal, some are social and some are financial.

First of all, patios are perfect for having some alone time and relaxing. After a long warm or stressful day at work it can be great to just sit outside, enjoying a nice cold beverage (alcoholic if it has been a real bad day) and have some peace and quiet. You can put on some tunes, maybe even a cup of tea and find comfort in your own little world.

They are of course also great for having small parties for friends and family, especially as we head into both summer and Christmas! You can hold a Sunday barbeque under your patio and just enjoy the company of people you love. If you have a pool, your patio would also be a great extension to your pool parties.

Decorating under and around your patio can also be a good hobby and take you away from the forever growing list of jobs around the house! If you enjoy decorating your home, you would also enjoy buying furniture for your patio and making it look the way you want it. You can buy a swing, a hammock, some chair, some flowers, etc. and make your patio look like your own little park.

Covered patio area
Covered patio areas are an essential part of the Gold Coast lifestyle

From a financial perspective, patios can absolutely increase the value of your home, especially on the Gold Coast where the warm climate makes an appealing outdoor living space a more important factor than in other locations throughout Australia. If one day you choose to sell your house and move somewhere else, having a patio, which is a great outdoor entertaining area, would allow you to increase the price of your house and certainly appeal to those who prefer the outdoor living. It is not uncommon for exceptional outdoor entertaining areas to add $20,000+ to a sale price on the Gold Coast.

There are also several types of patios that you can choose from so certainly worth a little research or internet surfing before you engage that quality, licensed company for a quote! Just be sure not to get sucked in by the ‘super cheap’ deals on Kits from online only companies, because if you have a problem with your installation, remember you won’t be speaking with an experienced installer, just a salesperson!

In summary, there are many benefits to updating or creating your new outdoor entertaining area, so don’t ever hesitate to give Graeme from PPI a call for an obligation free catch up!