Winter is the best time to add a patio

Summer entertaining areas are made in Winter!

If you’re considering enhancing your outdoor living space with a patio area, you might be surprised to learn that winter is an ideal time to embark on this project. Let’s explore the advantages of building your patio area during the winter months in Australia, ensuring it’s ready to host unforgettable summer gatherings and festive Christmas celebrations.

  • Beat the Rush: Building your patio area during the winter allows you to beat the spring and summer rush. During warmer months, construction companies tend to be in high demand, leading to longer waiting times and potential delays. By starting your project in winter, you’ll have a better chance of securing the services and materials of your preferred contractor and avoiding the frustration of a crowded construction schedule.
  • Optimal Weather Conditions: Australia’s winters are generally mild, making it an excellent time for outdoor construction projects. Additionally, the lower humidity levels and reduced rainfall during winter ensure a more efficient and faster construction process, reducing the chances of weather-related delays.
  • Preparation for Summer Entertaining: By building your patio area in winter, you’ll have plenty of time to complete the construction and prepare your space for summer entertaining. Imagine having a beautiful outdoor ara just in time for barbecues, pool parties, and gatherings with friends and family.
  • Christmas Celebrations Made Memorable: In Australia, Christmas is synonymous with warm weather and outdoor festivities. Building your patio area in winter ensures that you have a dedicated space to host your Christmas celebrations. Whether you’re organizing a festive lunch, a family gathering, or a holiday party, a well-designed patio will provide the perfect backdrop.
  • Avoid Disruptions to Daily Life: Constructing a patio area inevitably involves some noise, dust, and disruptions. By undertaking the project during winter, you can minimize the inconvenience to your daily life. With most people spending more time indoors during colder months, the construction process will have a reduced impact on your routine and daily activities. Once summer arrives, you’ll have a completed patio area that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle, without any ongoing construction disturbances.

Embarking on a patio construction project during winter in Australia is a smart decision for those looking to enhance their outdoor living space in time for summer and Christmas festivities. By beating the rush, taking advantage of optimal weather conditions, and allowing ample time for construction, you’ll have a beautiful and functional patio area ready to host memorable gatherings and celebrations. So, why wait? Start planning your dream patio with Platinum Property Improvements today and get ready to enjoy a delightful summer and a magical Christmas season in the comfort of your own backyard.

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PPI are now stocking and installing Illume Skylights

Platinum Property Improvements (PPI) have recently become installers of Illume Skylights for clients throughout the Gold Coast.

Illume is an alternative to traditional skylights. Using a solar collector to source power to light the skylight. Being completely powered by solar energy there is no requirement for mains power or batteries, which means no electricity costs for the skylight.

The other benefit of Illume Skylights is that there is less disturbance to the roof structure, which minimises the change of any roof leaks. In addition, traditional skylights also transfer unwanted heat into the area below and tend to clog up with bugs – all of this is avoided with Illume.

Illuyme Skylights in outdoor patio installations

The team at PPI have recently started including Illume Skylights in their outdoor patio cover installations throughout the Gold Coast. These skylights look very classy and allow more light into the outdoor patio area.

If you are located on the Gold Coast and would like a price or more information on a flyover patio (or any other type of patio) with or without Illume Skylights, please contact Platinum Property Improvements for an obligation free quote.


Flyover Patios – The Popular Choice

Flyover patios have become the predominant style of patio for Gold Coast home owners. They add a feeling of additional space due to their height and also let more light and breeze in, which is a necessity on the Gold Coast.

For those that are looking to add a new outdoor patio cover to their home it’s important to be aware of the different styles of patios available.

What is a flyover patio?

A flyover patio sits higher than the gutter of your home. The roof panels of the patio “fly over” past the edge of your home’s roof-line. The patio panels themselves don’t attach to your existing roof structure or house frame, instead there are mounting brackets that secure the patio whilst raising it away from your existing roof. This allows for light and breeze to flow into your patio area. The mounting brackets go through your roof tiles or sheeting and are generally attached to the house frame to make the structure strong enough to withstand whatever nature can throw at it.

flyover patio
Flyover patios have brackets that raise the patio away from the roof of the house.

Flyover patios are generally higher than a standard patio. A standard patio may be attached to the fascia on your eaves which is a much lower point. The elevated patio height makes the patio area feel more spacious.

With our outdoor lifestyle and warm tropical climate a flyover style patio allows additional breeze and sunlight into your alfresco area and this also flows into your indoor areas.

The angle of the flyover patio

There are two main factors to consider with the angle of your flyover patio. Firstly, how will the angle affect your rainwater drainage and secondly the direction of sunlight.

The flyover patio can be angled towards the house or away from the house. It is important to consider the additional water that the flyover will capture during rain. If the flyover is angled back towards the house then the existing guttering and downpipes must be able to cope with the additional mass of water. In some instances you may need to add additional downpipes.

Alternatively you can angle the flyover away from the home. In this instance you would have a gutter on the front edge of the patio and would add a downpipe to one of the patio posts so the rainwater has somewhere to go. Depending on the landscape of your property you may need to plumb the downpipe into your underground storm water drainage of might be able to let the water flow into a garden or onto the grass.

If you are located on the Gold Coast and would like a price or more information on a flyover patio (or any other type of patio) please contact Platinum Property Improvements for an obligation free quote.

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Patio & Carport Council Regulations Explained

Patio and Carport Council Approval

It’s the most commonly asked question when we arrive on site to complete a quote on a Carport or Patio…

“Do I need to get Gold Coast City Council (or other councils) approval?”

The answer is in most cases will be yes as council regulations are fairly strict, however there are exceptions and we at Platinum Property Improvements are happy to assist you where possible through this process.

More often than not, we use a general rule that any new (not replacement) structure to be built that is attached or freestanding that is over 10m2, should ideally have council approval. Whilst it is sometimes possible to get away with not getting council approval, it is likely that any unapproved structures will cause issues when it comes to selling your property. Buyers can be spooked by unapproved structures, causing them to wonder what other shortcuts have been taken and in turn lowering the potential amount of buyers or the price buyers are willing to pay. They may request you demolish the structure or discount the price as a result. In addition, council can order the structure to be demolished if it is not able to be modified to meet their requirements.

The second most common question prospective clients ask us is “What are my limitations or rules I need to keep in mind when designing my new Carport or Patio?” It’s a very valid question because you don’t want to have an idea or create a design that will just get rejected by the council and have to be redesigned!

Below are some general guidelines to help you understand the restrictions or limitations to take into account…

How close can I build my Colorbond® Patio to my boundary wall/fence??

  • General rule is no closer than 1.5m from the side and/or rear boundary, and 6m setback from the front boundary if you are putting a Patio on the front of your property (rare).
  • There are exceptions where you can build 900mm, however there is an additional cost and council process which can be applied for, called ‘town planning relaxation’.
  • If the above is granted, you can have your posts set at 900mm from boundary, but hang the non-combustible roofing 450mm further than the posts, essentially like an overhang.
  • If you are prepared to build a fire rated wall eg. Brick, then with the town planning relaxation approval, you can build hard on the boundary.

How close to the front/side boundary can I build a Colorbond® Carport?

It is quite common for property owners on the Gold Coast to build close to or on the front or side boundaries as they attempt to gain more use out of their land. To build a carport in the front 6000mm, you simply require a ‘town planning relaxation’ which providing its approved, will allow you to build on the front and/or side boundaries. Gold Coast City Council have a number of regulations relating to carports, such as:

  • No structures are generally permitted within 6000mm from your front boundary (not the road or the gutter or where the wheelie bin sits etc)
  • If less than 9m in length, the structure can be built within 1.5m of a side boundary
  • A good guide for your front boundary line can be the end of a side fence, your letterbox, or even a power box
  • The maximum height of the carport at road front elevation is 3 metres from the ground level to the top of the fascia for a hip, Dutch gable or parapet roof, 3 metres ‘mean’ height from the ground level to the top of the fascia for a skillion roof, and 3.5 metres from the ground level to the top of the ridge for a gable ended roof.
  • The maximum width at road front is 6m for a double carport from outside pier to outside pier, or 7.2m if you have eaves (600mm eaves each side).
  • If your carport has eaves it cannot hang over the front boundary.
  • The carport should be set back a min of 150mm to ensure the gutters do not protrude.

There are many other regulations but the above gives a little bit of an insight into how strict councils building regulations are.

A lot of the rules and regulations can actually change between zones (estates, suburbs, etc) between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Useful links:

GCCC Carports & Garages

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The benefits of adding a patio

Patios add value to your property

Adding a patio to your home may be a very good idea. There are plenty of companies on the Gold Coast so you won’t have a hard time getting a quote, just always be sure you are receiving quality Australian made product, by a licensed company.

Why should you get a patio? There are actually several benefits that a patio could bring. Some are personal, some are social and some are financial.

First of all, patios are perfect for having some alone time and relaxing. After a long warm or stressful day at work it can be great to just sit outside, enjoying a nice cold beverage (alcoholic if it has been a real bad day) and have some peace and quiet. You can put on some tunes, maybe even a cup of tea and find comfort in your own little world.

They are of course also great for having small parties for friends and family, especially as we head into both summer and Christmas! You can hold a Sunday barbeque under your patio and just enjoy the company of people you love. If you have a pool, your patio would also be a great extension to your pool parties.

Decorating under and around your patio can also be a good hobby and take you away from the forever growing list of jobs around the house! If you enjoy decorating your home, you would also enjoy buying furniture for your patio and making it look the way you want it. You can buy a swing, a hammock, some chair, some flowers, etc. and make your patio look like your own little park.

Covered patio area
Covered patio areas are an essential part of the Gold Coast lifestyle

From a financial perspective, patios can absolutely increase the value of your home, especially on the Gold Coast where the warm climate makes an appealing outdoor living space a more important factor than in other locations throughout Australia. If one day you choose to sell your house and move somewhere else, having a patio, which is a great outdoor entertaining area, would allow you to increase the price of your house and certainly appeal to those who prefer the outdoor living. It is not uncommon for exceptional outdoor entertaining areas to add $20,000+ to a sale price on the Gold Coast.

There are also several types of patios that you can choose from so certainly worth a little research or internet surfing before you engage that quality, licensed company for a quote! Just be sure not to get sucked in by the ‘super cheap’ deals on Kits from online only companies, because if you have a problem with your installation, remember you won’t be speaking with an experienced installer, just a salesperson!

In summary, there are many benefits to updating or creating your new outdoor entertaining area, so don’t ever hesitate to give Graeme from PPI a call for an obligation free catch up!