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Patio & Carport Council Regulations Explained

Patio and Carport Council Approval

It’s the most commonly asked question when we arrive on site to complete a quote on a Carport or Patio…

“Do I need to get Gold Coast City Council (or other councils) approval?”

The answer is in most cases will be yes as council regulations are fairly strict, however there are exceptions and we at Platinum Property Improvements are happy to assist you where possible through this process.

More often than not, we use a general rule that any new (not replacement) structure to be built that is attached or freestanding that is over 10m2, should ideally have council approval. Whilst it is sometimes possible to get away with not getting council approval, it is likely that any unapproved structures will cause issues when it comes to selling your property. Buyers can be spooked by unapproved structures, causing them to wonder what other shortcuts have been taken and in turn lowering the potential amount of buyers or the price buyers are willing to pay. They may request you demolish the structure or discount the price as a result. In addition, council can order the structure to be demolished if it is not able to be modified to meet their requirements.

The second most common question prospective clients ask us is “What are my limitations or rules I need to keep in mind when designing my new Carport or Patio?” It’s a very valid question because you don’t want to have an idea or create a design that will just get rejected by the council and have to be redesigned!

Below are some general guidelines to help you understand the restrictions or limitations to take into account…

How close can I build my Colorbond® Patio to my boundary wall/fence??

  • General rule is no closer than 1.5m from the side and/or rear boundary, and 6m setback from the front boundary if you are putting a Patio on the front of your property (rare).
  • There are exceptions where you can build 900mm, however there is an additional cost and council process which can be applied for, called ‘town planning relaxation’.
  • If the above is granted, you can have your posts set at 900mm from boundary, but hang the non-combustible roofing 450mm further than the posts, essentially like an overhang.
  • If you are prepared to build a fire rated wall eg. Brick, then with the town planning relaxation approval, you can build hard on the boundary.

How close to the front/side boundary can I build a Colorbond® Carport?

It is quite common for property owners on the Gold Coast to build close to or on the front or side boundaries as they attempt to gain more use out of their land. To build a carport in the front 6000mm, you simply require a ‘town planning relaxation’ which providing its approved, will allow you to build on the front and/or side boundaries. Gold Coast City Council have a number of regulations relating to carports, such as:

  • No structures are generally permitted within 6000mm from your front boundary (not the road or the gutter or where the wheelie bin sits etc)
  • If less than 9m in length, the structure can be built within 1.5m of a side boundary
  • A good guide for your front boundary line can be the end of a side fence, your letterbox, or even a power box
  • The maximum height of the carport at road front elevation is 3 metres from the ground level to the top of the fascia for a hip, Dutch gable or parapet roof, 3 metres ‘mean’ height from the ground level to the top of the fascia for a skillion roof, and 3.5 metres from the ground level to the top of the ridge for a gable ended roof.
  • The maximum width at road front is 6m for a double carport from outside pier to outside pier, or 7.2m if you have eaves (600mm eaves each side).
  • If your carport has eaves it cannot hang over the front boundary.
  • The carport should be set back a min of 150mm to ensure the gutters do not protrude.

There are many other regulations but the above gives a little bit of an insight into how strict councils building regulations are.

A lot of the rules and regulations can actually change between zones (estates, suburbs, etc) between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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